Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Timings, Entry Fee, Best Time To Visit, Contact Number

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Gujarat’s Kalyanpur taluka, Devbhumi Dwarka district. Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary was declared a wildlife sanctuary in November 1988.

About Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, spread across an area of about 332.87 hectares of land, is located in the Saurashtra peninsula along the coast of the Gulf of Kutch.

One of the sanctuary’s unique qualities is its location in an arid zone with limited natural resources. A wasteland divides this sanctuary, which is divided into two geographical masses. Bhatia, a beautiful small town in Gujarat, is twenty kilometers from the Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, and the next town is Jamnagar.

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Timings

Timings: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM.

Flora and Fauna At Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary comprises grasslands intermixed with saline scrubs. Prosopis chilensis, kerdo, gorad, piloo etc.

A variety of species can be found here, including the wolf, blue bull, jackal, jungle cat, and mongoose. A large variety of insects, including butterflies, moths, honeybees, wasps, spiders, and termites, live in this sanctuary. Among the birds, the park attracts beautiful migratory visitors such as pelicans, spoonbills, and cranes, especially during the winter.

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fee

Entry Fee:- Rs:- 50/-

Best Time To Visit At Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

the best time to visit is between October and March.

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Contact Number

Phone(O) : 0288 2679357

Other Attractions Near Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Accommodation

You can stay in Bhatia village and many more food facilities are available there.

How To Reach Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary

By Road
The Nearest bus station is Bhatia (20 km).

By Train
The Nearest railway station is Bhatia around 20 km.

By Air
The Nearest airport is Jamnagar (100 km) and Ahmedabad (450 km.).

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