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Beyt Dwarka Temple Gujarat Best Time – History

About Beyt Dwarka Temple

Beyt Dwarka (also spelled Bet Dwarka) or Shankhodhar is an inhabited island located 3 kilometers off the coast of Okha, Gujarat, India, at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch. The island was 13 kilometers long from northwest to southeast, with an average east-west width of 4 kilometers. It is a sand and stone strip located 30 kilometers north of Dwarka.

As is well known, Sri Krishna lived and reigned as a king in the golden city of Dwarka.

The home of Lord Krishna was the mythical city of Dwarka. One of the seven holiest Hindu sites in India is Dwarka. Out of the seven sacred cities, Varanasi is regarded as the holiest. It is thought that as a result of harm and destruction caused by the sea. Dwarka has been submerged six times, making the current Dwarka the seventh such city to be constructed in the region.

The corals in the underwater city are diverse, ranging from tall sea fans to hydroids to sea anemones.

Beyt Dwarka Temple History

Bet Dwarka, also known as Shankhodhar, is said to have been Lord Krishna’s residence during his reign at Dwarka. It got its name from the word ‘bet,’ which means ‘gift,’ and it is said that Lord Krishna got it from his friend Sudama. Bet Dwarka is known as ‘Antardvipa’ in the ancient epic Mahabharata, to which people of the Yadava clan had to travel by boat. Underwater explorations and excavations have revealed the presence of settlements dating back to the Harappan civilization and the Mauryan rule.

Later on, the Gaekwad clan from the state of Baroda was in charge of running the area. During the 1857 uprising, the Vaghers attacked the area and took control of it, but they were forced to admit defeat after two years and hand the land back to the Gaekwads.

He is referred to here as Dwarkadhish and Ranchor Rai. Ranchor Rai literally means the one who ran away from the war – which is what Sri Krishna did when he left Mathura to re-establish his kingdom at Dwarka. The term “Dwarkadhish” refers to Dwarka’s lord. In this town, people formally greet one another with “Jai Dwarkashish.”

Apart from the main temple, others in the complex commemorate Hanuman, Vishnu, Shiva, Lakshmi Narayan, Jambavati, Devi, and others.

Attractions At Beyt Dwarka

The whale shark is the coastal pride of Dwarka. Turtles and the sighting of dolphins are common in the Gulf of Kutch.

There is a marine sanctuary in the Gulf of Kutch with islands that are fringed by coral reefs, sandy beaches, and mangrove swamps. These islands are a treasure trove of marine species where you can chance upon octopus, pufferfish, and sea horse, during the low tides.

Best time to visit At Beyt Dwarka

The best time to visit is between November and February, and during Janmashtami which is celebrated with great fervor.

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