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Siyot Caves Kutch History, Timings, How To Reach, Best Time To Visit

The Siyot Caves, frequently referred to as the Kateshwar Buddhist Caves, are situated in Gujarat, India’s Kutch area. They are a historically significant archeological site, dating to the first millennium AD. In addition to their historical significance, the caverns are significant because they were once a hub for Buddhist spirituality and education.

About Siyot Caves Kutch

Siyot caves are among the oldest in India. These are five rock-cut caves. The major caves feature an east-facing sanctuary ambulatory and a space divide that evokes a Shiva temple. Siyot caves are Buddhist caves. This can be determined based on the Brahmi inscription.

The remaining caves are basic single cells, most likely part of eight Buddhist caves near the mouth of the Indus River, as described by Xuanzang in the seventh century. According to a local myth, dacoits used these tunnels to store items they had previously looted from the public. There is a primitive step well located nearby. One can also visit Kateshwar Mahadev Temple close by.

Siyot Caves Entry Fee

Entry Fee: Free

Best Time To Visit Siyot Caves

November To February is the best time to visit Siyot Caves.

History Of Siyot Caves

Clay seals carved with Buddha figures in various mudras, as well as seals engraved with late Brahmi and Devanagari inscriptions, were discovered during the 1988–89 excavation. Copper rings, Gadhaiya coins, terracotta Nandi with bell and Chail, and several types of pottery, including Surahi, were also discovered. The location is claimed to have been held by Shaivaites in the twelfth or thirteenth century. After the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, this site was restored.

Siyot Caves Timings

Timings: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Places To Visit Nearby Siyot Caves

How To Reach Siyot Caves Kutch

By Road
Siyot Caves Are 125 km away from the Bhuj. Bhuj is well connected to all other cities from gujarat.

By Train
Bhuj railway station lies on the western railways network.

By Air
The Bhuj airport is 5 kilometers from the city and serves many domestic flights from major Indian destinations.

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