Saturday, April 13

Chowk Bazar Fort in Surat starts a Laser light and sound show

Good News for Surat People Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) start a laser light and sound show in the fort at Chowk Bazar in the city projecting the history, present, and future of Surat.

Cost of Laser Light Show of Chowk Bazar Surat

The projects at a cost of Rs 13.50 crore from the grant of a smart city surat.

The capacity of Seating Arrangement at the Light and Sound Show

The seating arrangement allows 250 people to view the light and sound show simultaneously.

The theme of the Light and Sound Show Chowk Bazar Surat Fort

  • The light and sound show will be projected on the walls of the treasury and dutch lifestyle building, British barracks building, and royal burj in the fort.
  • RGB laser projectors, 60 dynamic facade light fittings of various kinds, and an immersive sound system will be used for the show.
  • 3D mapping-based technology will be used for it.

Timing of the Light and Sound Show Chowk Bazar Surat Fort

A total of 9 short movies ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in duration will be projected in the show.

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