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About Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple

Mahudi is situated near Vijapur in the Gujarat State of India. Mahudi is famous for the Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir temple. Mahudi is a very old Jain tirth. It is one of the important miraculous tirth places as per Jain Religion. Learned Saint Pujya Acharya Shri Budhdhi Sagarji Maharaj Saheb did PranPratistha of Shri Ghantakarna Dev in Mahudi. Out of the 52 Vir, Shri Ghantakarna is one of them. Thousands of Jains and non-Jains visit Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir temple in Mahudi every day.

Mahudi is a village near the river Sabarmati. This village is in Mansa Taluka of Gandhinagar District. Gandhinagar is 35 km. away and Ahmedabad is 70 km. away. The nearby town is Vijapur, which is 6 km. away. Mahudi is famous for the Jinalaya Jain temple of Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir. It is a center of pilgrimage for the Jains devotees. There are lakhs of people from different religions offering prayers besides Jain devotees. ‘Yognistha Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad BuddhiSagarsuri Maharaj Sahebji’ had observed a long period of penance here and had inspired the construction of the new temple. Devotees offer `sukhadi’, which after the offering, is eaten within the temple complex. Tradition forbids the carrying away of such offerings outside premises. Large and clean Sarai offers a comfortable stay to the pilgrims.

Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple History

The ancient and beautiful Mulnayak Bhagawana Padmaprabhu was formally reinstalled under the guidance of ‘Yognishta Acharyadev Shrimad Buddhisagarsurisvarji’ in the newly built temple in the year 1974 of the Vikram era (1917 as English Calendar).

Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir idol was installed in the new temple under the observation and guidance of ‘Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad Buddhisagar Suriswarji Maharaj Saheb’ in the year 1974 (1917) of the Vikram era. Mahudi reclamied its title as Mahudi Tirth or Tirtha. The idol of Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir is very miraculous. Thousands of pilgrims with faith and devotion, come here to fulfill their desires. Every year, on the fourteenth day of the dark half of the month of Aso, the ceremony of charitable offering is celebrated in the Jain way in the temple of Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir.

A big bell or Ghanta Behind it, to the right with the cage is the Ghantakarna temple and to the left is another small shrine to Buddhi Sagar Maharaj the monk who established this temple. When they ring it The reason the deity is called “Ghantakarna” is that it had a bell (ghanta) shaped ears (Karna).

Mahudi Sukhadi

The ‘Prasad’ (food after being offered to the deity first) is called ‘Sukhadi’ made up of pure Ghee(clarified butter), wheat flour, and jaggery. The sukhadi has to be eaten on the temple premises itself and the devotees are prohibited from taking it outside the temple premises, as it is considered inauspicious to do so. The temple authorities see to it that hot ‘sukhadi’ is supplied on time. Sometimes huge quantities of it are required to cope with the rush but the temple staff is equal to the task. An endless stream of plates filled with ‘sukhadi comes out of the kitchen. It comes in different quantities depending on the requirements of the devotees.

Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple Timings

Timings:- 10:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Places To Visit At Mahudi

Vijapur 10 km from Mahudi

Vijapur is a municipality city in the Mehsana district. It has a population of 24,805. It’s the Birthplace of Shrimad Buddhisagarsuriswarji Maharaj Saheb. After his Holy Death, He was cremated at this very place and a huge complex of Samadhi and Guru Mandir was constructed. This Beautiful Derasar (Temple) is located with Samadhi of Shri Buddhisagarji M.S. at Vijapur a major Jain Devotee attraction.

Vijapur Derasar and Samadhi of Shrimad Buddhisagar GuruDev
Aglod Manibhadra Vir Temple 20 km from Mahudi.

Situated nearby from Mahudi, In Aglod, the Temple is surrounded by natural habitat and amazing greenery and Landscape can be seen. The main temple in Mulnayak is Shri Vasupujya Swami. And most attractions are carried by Manibhadra Vir (deity) Temple.

Kotyrak Temple 1 km from Mahudi

A nearby temple of lord Krishna known as Kotyark Temple is worth visiting in Mahudi.

Madhumati River 1 km from Mahudi

In Mahudi Village itself, one of the tributaries of the Sabarmati River named Madhumati flows by beside beautiful landscape and scenery of green and flourished hills.

Himmatnagar 28 km from Mahudi

Himmatnagar is a town having a municipality in the Sabarkantha district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the administrative headquarter of the district. The name literally means the “Town of Courage”. The town is situated on the bank of the river Hathmati. Himatnagar was named after King Himmat Singh.

Prantij 10 km from Mahudi

Prantij is a city and a municipality in the Sabarkantha district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Mahudi Accommodation

Good Bhojanshala and Dharmashala (food & bed) facilities are available.
Managed by Shri Mahudi Jain Swetambar Murtipujak Sangh Trust.

Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple Contact Number

Contact Number:- 02763284625, 8732991353

How To Reach At Ghantakarna Mahavir Temple Mahudi

By Road: Gujarat has one of the better-developed road networks in India. Ahmedabad is well connected with all major cities and towns by road. Prominent bus stops are located at Gitamandir near Kalupur Railway Station and Paldi. Regular bus services are available by Gujarat state transport buses and private operators to all the major destinations of the state.

By Rail: The main railway station is located in the Kalupur area (Ahmedabad Station). This station falls under the prominent national railway circuit and is connected to all major cities of India. If you are on the western side of the Sabarmati river, then you can go to the Gandhigram station near Ashram road to buy your railway tickets easily. 55 KM near. Other Railway Stations connecting Mahudi PRANTIJ – Sabar Kantha, Prantij 8 KM near. SONASAN – Sabar Kantha, Prantij 10 KM near. HIMMATNAGAR – Sabar Kantha, Himatnagar 22 KM near. DABHODA – Gandhinagar, Dehgam 38 KM near.

By Air: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport at Ahmedabad is an international airport with direct flights to the USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, and other international hubs. Numerous domestic flights are also operational from here.

The nearest Towns are Mansa(14.8 k.m.), Gandhinagar(32.1 k.m.), Dehgam(34.4 k.m.), Kalol(40.1 k.m.),

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