Idar Gadh History, Timings, Architecture, How To Reach

Idar fort is also called Idariyo Gadh. Fort is 38 km from Vijaynagar.

Idar Gadh is overseeing the Aravali Range and offers a great view of the valley. Gadh has evidently included hill fort, for this reason, included from different attacks.

Idar Gadh History

The Maharaja Daulat Singh built this palace fort in the 20th century.

There are a few locations of spiritual vacationer hobbies along the way, just like the Zarana Mahadev Temple in a cave. The temple withinside the cave is a Shivling, which has a perpetual delivery of water, and therefore, the call of the temple is Zarna Mahadev. Zarana in Hindi way a waterfall. The other thriller approximately this citadel press is the beginning of the water delivery to the Zarna Mahadev.

The Idar Gadh Architecture

When you visit the Idar Gadh or Idar Fort, you in the end see a shape of pink granite, and that makes it remarkably beautiful.

Idar Fort Timings

10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Idar Gadh Entry Free


Nearby Places Of Ider Fort

  • Daulat Mahal
  • The Mudhraneshwar Mahadeo Temple
  • Ranmal’s Choki
  • Dargah of Hazrat Navgaza Peer

How To Reach Idar Fort

By Road
Idar is 120 km from Ahmedabad and well connected by state transport buses.

By Train
From Ahmedabad and Khed Brahma, Limited trains are available for Ider.

By Air
Ahmedabad is the nearest airport to Ider.

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