Girnar Ropeway Ticket Price Online Booking

Girnar Ropeway in Gujarat which has become Asia’s longest ropeway has recently been inaugurated by the Narendra Modi PM of India. The ropeway has been constructed on Mount Girnar in Junagadh Gujarat, which may be a major tourist attraction in Gujarat due to the presence of pilgrimage sites like Amba Temple, the Dattatreya Shrine, and lots of other Hindu temples as well as several Jain temples.

Ticket Price of Girnar Ropeway:

The ticket prices for Girnar Ropeway are ₹400 (one-way) and ₹700 (two-way). For children between 5 and 10 years of age, the fare is ₹350.

Online Booking of Girnar Ropeway:

To book an online ticket for the Girnar Cable car, visit its website

Capacity of Girnar Ropeway:

There will be 25-30 cable cars, with a capacity of eight passengers each. The cable car can carry 1,000 passengers per hour but is operating at a capacity of 800 passengers per hour and 8000 per day.

Timing of Girnar Ropeway:

Girnar Junagadh Ropeway Daily Timing- 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Closed or Open of Girnar Ropeway:

Girnar Ropeway Close Date is 24th Nov 2021 to 25th Nov 2021.

Distance of Girnar Ropeway:

Girnar Ropeway Distance Cover Around 2.3KM.

Length of Girnar Ropeway:

An interesting fact about Girnar Ropeway its length of 2126.4 m (2.3km) can be covered in just 7.5 minutes.

Route of Girnar Ropeway:

Height of Girnar Ropeway:

Nine towers have been erected between Bhavnath Taleti and Ambaji Temple. The highest pole is 66-m and is placed on the 1000th step of Girnar.

Location of Girnar Ropeway:

The Girnar Ropeway is located on Mount Girnar in Junagadh district of Gujarat.

FAQ of Girnar Ropeway

Is Girnar ropeway open?

Yes, Girnar Ropeway is open and operational.

How many steps are in the Girnar ropeway?

5000 Steps in the Girnar Ropeway.

What is the price of Junagadh ropeway ticket?

Junagadh Ropeway Ticket price Between Rs 350 to Rs 700.

How do I get to Girnar Datta Temple by ropeway?

By Girnar Ropeway you Reached Ambaji Temple after then Steps to Reach Datta temple.

How long is Girnar ropeway?

Girnar Ropeway its a length of 2126.4 m (2.3km).


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