Girnar-Pavagadh-Ambaji-Jatayupara Ropeway Booking Will Remain Closed

The latest News Update from UDANKHATOLA Operator they schedule half-yearly and yearly Maintenance Shut Down.

Notice is hereby given to the public that due to the Scheduled yearly maintenance shutdown of our ropeways in Gujarat, Girnar Junagadh, Pavagadh, and Ambaji Gabbar ropeway services will remain close as under:

Junagadh Girnar Ropeway Remain Close Date:-

Girnar Ropeway Date is 24th Nov 2021 to 25th Nov 2021.

Ambaji Gabbar Ropeway Remain Close Date:-

Gabbar ropeway close date is 6th Dec 2021 to 11th Dec 2021.

Pavagadh Ropeway Remain Close Date:-

Pavagadh Hill Ropeway Close date is 13th Dec 2021 to 18th Dec 2021.

Jatayupara Ropeway Remain Close Date:-

Jatayupara Ropeway Close date is 9th Nov 2021 to 12th Nov 2021.

Above all information are updated as per udankhatola site.

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