Vadodara Opens Aircraft-Themed Restaurant

Good News for all Baroda Foody People. Aircraft-themed Based restaurant opens in Gujarat’s Vadodara.

Address of Aircraft-Themed Restaurant Vadodara:-

Located on the main road near the highway of Vadodara city, the customers can now fulfill their dream of ‘eating in the air’ while sitting on the ground.

Capacity of Aircraft-themed Restaurant Vadodara:-

The aircraft can accommodate 106 people at a time.

Facility of Aircraft-Themed Restaurant Vadodara:-

Sensors have been installed inside the aircraft just like a flight to call the waiter here. At the same time, the working staff like air hostess cabin crew have been hired here.

320 Aircraft-Themed Design & build B:-

An Airbus 320 was bought from a company in Bengaluru to build this restaurant.

Each part of the aircraft was brought to Vadodara and it was remodeled as a restaurant.

Menu Price of Aircraft-Themed Restaurant Vadodara:-

Different food options are available here, including Punjabi, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mexican, and Thai.

The restaurant will make you feel like you are traveling in a real-life aircraft.

Customer Review of Aircraft-Themed Restaurant Vadodara:-

S Ali, a customer at the restaurant said, “I enjoyed visiting this restaurant. It is a unique concept indeed.”

Shehnaaz, another customer said, “On our way to Surat, we saw a plane like a restaurant here. I came here with my family and felt happy to see such a place. It felt like we are actually sitting on a flight.”

Just like the way one boards the flight at the airport, all the people entering this restaurant are given a boarding pass like a flight ticket.

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