Sanjay Gandhi National Park Ticket Price, Timings, Contact Number, How To Reach

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, also known as Borivali National Park, was established in 1969 as a protected national park. It is the home of the almost 2,000-year-old rock-cut Kanheri Caves. Borivali National Park is the best national park in Mumbai city.

About Sanjay Gandhi National Park 

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is perfect for picnics and weekend vacations, providing relief from the city’s hustle and noise. Visitors come in their numbers to see Leopards, Macaques, Bears, Lions, Flying Foxes, Kingfishers, Sunbirds, and a large variety of butterflies at one of the most popular national parks in the world. Kanheri caves, over two thousand years old, are also popular tourist destinations inside the park’s boundaries. The caves were dug into the sandstone cliffs.

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, historically known as the Borivali National Park, covers around 20% of Mumbai’s geographical area and is home to over thirteen hundred species of flora and over 500 species of wildlife.

With over 2 million visitors each year, it is one of Asia’s most frequently visited National Parks, covering an area of 104 square kilometers.

Inside the forest, there are two artificial lakes that are home to crocodiles and migratory birds every year. The lakes provide the city with drinking water.

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is known for its rich evergreen forests, bird populations, butterflies, and small tiger populations.

Between the 9th and 1st century BCE, the Kanheri Caves, located at the park’s site, were an important Buddhist learning center and a pilgrimage place for Buddhist monks.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Timings

Timings:- 07:00 AM – 06:30 PM

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai Entry Fee

Entry Fee:- INR 48 per adult & INR 25 for children above five.

Things To Do At Sanjay Gandhi National Park

  • Visiting Kanheri Caves
  • Visit Waterfalls
  • Upper Kanheri Trail
  • Cycling across the park
  • Safari Ride
  • Camping

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Ticket Price

  • INR 50 per person Adult Mini Train
  • INR 19 per person Child Mini Train
  • INR 70 per person for Tiger safari for Adults
  • INR 28 per person for Tiger safari for Children
  • INR 81 per person for Combined Tiger & Lion safari for Adults
  • INR 32 per person for Combined Tiger & Lion safari for Children
  • INR 97 for a 4-seater boat
  • INR 48 for a 2-seater boat
  • INR 60 for Cycle rent
  • INR 60 per person for the shuttle bus that runs from the park entrance to the caves
  • INR 50 for Still Camera

Address Of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Address:- Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066.

Best Time To Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park

October To April is the best time to visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Contact Number

Contact Number:- 022 2886 0362 / 022-28860389

How To Reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park

By Road
Mumbai is well-connected to all other states and major cities.

By Train
The Nearest railway station is Borivali railway station.

By Air
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is the nearest domestic and international airport to SGNP.

FAQ On Sanjay Gandhi National Park

What is the ticket price for Sanjay Gandhi National Park?

INR 48 per adult & INR 25 for children above five.

What is the best time to visit Sanjay Gandhi park?

October To April is the best time to visit National Park.

What is special about Sanjay Gandhi National Park?

The national park is home to a number of endangered species of flora and fauna.

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