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Pavagadh Temple, Steps, Hill, Ropeway Ticket Price, Weather

Pavagadh Temple hill

   pavagadh is an ancient Triassic Period location with Enriched History from periods of the Treta & Dwapar Era.

In the Present day, Pavagadh is a Municipality-operated region in Panchmahal district about 46 kilometers (29 mi) away from Vadodara in Gujarat state in western India. It is known for a famous Mahakali temple that draws thousands of pilgrims every day. It is a tribal area populated predominantly by the Rath was. The area of this locality Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2004. It is said that the Rajput king Vanraj Chavda established Champaner at the foot of Pavagadh in fond memory of his wise minister Champa. Pavagadh is the gateway to Panchmahal. The locations of hilly areas around Halol provide good scenery. Pavagadh Hill has a total height of 822 meters and you can find many scenic trails to climb including waterfalls during monsoon time. The plateau at an altitude of 490 meters is known as Machi Haveli. The bus service has been extended up to Machi.

Pavagadh Hill Ropeway Tickets Price    

Visitors have only 2 ways to reach the top of a hill (Goddess Kali’s ancient temple) is by walking or by ropeway, tickets price of the ropeway is INR 110 including GST.

Pavagadh Hill Gujarat

    Champaner-Pavagadh is located in the Panchmahal district in Gujarat, where there is a temple to Mother Kali. Hindu pilgrims were coming to visit this temple from long before the development of Champaner as a major city, and they continued for hundreds of years after its decline, right up to the present day. To reach the temple at the summit is about a 5 km walk along a jungle footpath to the top of the hill….

Pavagadh Hill Total Steps

     Pavagadh hill total steps are about 1800 stairs from the point from where stairs start and it’s not much difficult to climb to the top of a hill as stairs are round about the hill….

Pavagadh Hill Height

    Pavagadh Hill has a geological setting of reddish-yellow colored stone and is considered to be one of the oldest rock formations in India, The hill is a southern Aravalli Range outlier, rising 800 meters (2,600 ft) above the surrounding plains n it is about 762 meters above Sea Level…

Pavagadh Hill Station

    Pavagadh is the only hill station near Baroda city. It’s a lovely place to visit. You can climb the hill through stairs or you can enjoy the ropeway, Beautiful hill station & spiritual place, it is about 762 M above sea level.

Pavagadh Hill Road

     The road to pavagadh hill is quite good enough for every type of vehicles it is well maintained and there are Instructions available for drivers to drive safe were ever it is necessary.

Pavagadh Hill Ropeway

  It’s a famous ropeway to access the Goddess Kali’s ancient temple situated at the peak of the Pavagadh Hill. Ropeway offers panoramic views and a thrilling cable ride. This is well managed and quite safe Ropeway. Ropeway can be accessed via parking, Pavagadh ropeway is about 774 metres (2,539 ft) in length, it is said to be the country’s highest then. It operates mono-cable gondola detachable type lifts. A trip takes 6 minutes, It takes passengers 297 metres (970 ft) above the Pavagadh hill from Manchi Haveli. From there passenger has to climb 250 metres (820 ft) to reach the temple, It has a capacity to carry 1250 passengers per hour but operates at a capacity of 400 passengers per hour. It transports 13 lakh passengers annually.No. of carriers is 10 Carrier capacity of each is 6 passengers.

Pavagadh Hill Weather

    to visit pavagadh hills nov to mid-march is the best time as weather is suitable at this time for visitors.

Pavagadh Hill Distance

    pavagadh hills are located 55km from baroda city,to reach out there are many local transportation available such as (GSRTC) City Bus n Local vehicles


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    Can you please tell us if Ropeway is available up to Temple of Maa Kali from bottom of hill?
    Ropeway charge for a Child of 6 years..Is it Full or Half the normal?

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