Nagpur India First LNG Filling station, When it Comes to Gujarat ?

Nagpur based Company Baidyanath to start the country’s first commercial LNG filling Station.
Previously Baidyanath made Ayurvedic Medicine from Nagpur city. Shree Baidyanath has diversified into liquified natural gas (LNG) sale. The company  inaugurated the country’s first commercial LNG filling station in the city on Sunday.

Nagpur LNG Station Location:

Located at the outer ring road towards Dighori, it has a capacity of 23 tons and  caters to LNG driven vehicles along the national highways around Nagpur.

Gujarat Have LNG Dispensation Station:

At present, the only dispensation station is at Dahej in . “This is the first-ever in the country to operate on a commercial basis.

LNG Full Form is Liquified Natural Gas:

The company’s decision was following the government’s decision to invest Rs10,000 crore in the LNG dispensing stations across the country.

Baidyanath Investment on LNG Station:

As the minister was looking for local companies to come forward, the Baidyanath group agreed and invested Rs 8 crore in the project. “The station is operational from Sunday. It will take 60 vehicles a day for the pump to operate feasibly. For this, Baidyanath has plans to convert 120 vehicles which include buses and trucks into LNG. This entails an investment of Rs10 lakh per vehicle.

LNG Price Compare vs  Diesel Price vs Petrol Price vs CNG Price:

At present, it would start with12 vehicles, he said. LNG is not only being projected as a cheaper alternative to diesel but rates offered at the Nagpur station lower than the current market price of the fuel elsewhere. This is because the supply for a year has been booked at an advance rate due to which the fuel will be available at Rs 62 a liter as against Rs 72 in the market.

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