Ghela Somnath Temple History, Timings, Contact Number

Ghela Somnath Temple is located in Jasdan taluka on the bank of the river Ghela. Today, this location is world famous because it is scenic, peaceful, and unforgettable, as well as historical.

About Ghela Somnath Temple

The Shivlinga of this Ghela Somnath temple is very huge, a mere sight of which destroys a thousand sins and fulfills every wish. There is also a belief in this temple that Aarti is performed in the morning and evening. But first, the Diwa of Meenal Devi is performed, followed by the aarti of Ghela Somnath Dada. Here in the temple, an unbroken flame of Dada has been burning for years. Gajanan Ganapati is seated outside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple along with Keshrinandan Hanumanji. A huge Dhaja of Ghela Somnath Dada is hoisted on the Shivalay of this temple, and the entrance of the temple is also very large.

In the forest area of ​​the hilly region of Jasdan taluka, daily aarti is performed in the presence of this Ghela Somnath Dada every morning and evening. Devotees takes advantage of Dada’s darshan and the eighty-four of Mahaprasad along with the Brahmins and also holds a fair here and receives the blessings of Ghela Somnath Dada very nicely. To go to this temple, this temple is located 18 km from Jasdan. At present, all the administration of this temple is in the hands of the District Collector. The A.C. rooms for staying there are equipped with many dining facilities.

The Shivling in this temple and Mother Meenaldev sitting on the hill are facing each other. Looking at it, it seems that Mother Minaldev is guarding the Shivling from the hill. The main gate of this temple was earlier on the left side of the temple. There was a small gate between the temple of Mata Minaldev on the hill and the Shivling. But when this door was closed and a wall was built there, this wall was seen to fall in the morning. This has happened many times. Seeing that, it seemed that Mother Minaldev was guarding the Shivling from the hill. And then the main gate of the temple was built between the Shivling and the temple of Mother Meenaldev. Thus Mother Meenaldev even today protects the Shivling in this temple.

Ghela Somnath Temple History

The temple of Somnath Mahadev in Gujarat was repeatedly attacked by Muhammad Ghazni to destroy the temples but he failed to attack, once the princess of Junagadh Meenaldevi who was very devoted to Shiva and to protect him from the Muslim kings installed the Shivling of Lord Shiva underground. And there used to do Puja and Devotional Bhakti.

After some time around the year 1457, a Muslim king Muhammad Jafar again attacked Somnath. This Muslim king know that a Shivling was established underground, so he attack there, but when Meenal Devi came to know about this fact through her friend Hural, he took this ling in a palanquin. Ghela Vaniya along with Vejal Bhatt left the place and traveled about 250 km from Somnath.

They reached the banks of the river Jasdan, at this place a Shiva linga was established by the Brahmin Vejal Bhatt, but the Muslim king, who had pursued his army, reached the river and finally, a fierce battle took place on the banks of the river Jasdan in which Vaniya named Ghela. Along with thousands of Brahmins, Kshatriyas and the people of the village helped to fight this war. Thus the war continued at this place for seven consecutive days and in this war, Vaniya named Ghela was martyred and Meenaldevi also took samadhi here on the hill in the presence of Ghela Somnath, the temple of this Meenaldevi is on this hill.

This Shivlinga came from Somnath with Ghela Vaniya and because Ghelo Vaniya was martyred in the war, the name of the river is Ghelo river and this Shivling is named Ghela Somnath.

Ghela Somnath Temple Timings

Timings:- 05:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Best Time To Visit At Ghela Somnath Temple

Shravan month is the best time to visit Ghela Somnath Mandir.

Ghela Somnath Temple Contact Number

+91 99799 24986

How To Reach Ghela Somnath Mandir

By Road
Ghela Somnath is 82 km away from Rajkot.

By Rail
Rajkot Junction is the nearest railway station.

By Air
The nearest airport is Rajkot airport is approximately 75 km.

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