Fun Blast Sports Arena Gaming Ahmedabad Timings, Ticket Price, Entry Fee

Fun Blast Sports arena gaming is situated on The busiest street in Ahmedabad, Sindhu Bhawan Road. Shotts, Taj, and Now Fun Blast on Sindhu Bhawan Road provide additional entertainment, excitement, rides, games, and food for people of all ages. For adults only, there is a trampoline park there.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Timings

Timings:- 11 AM to 11 PM
All days of the week

Ahmedabad Fun Blast Entry Fee

No Entry Fee

How To Buy a Ticket At Fun Blast Ahmedabad?

Let’s first know how pricing functions at Fun Blast before understanding the costs for all games and enjoyable activities there. For outdoor activities, there is a ticket counter; for indoor games, there is a rechargeable card system with a 12-month validity.

You don’t need the card for games played outdoors. At every outdoor game, there are ticket counters available. Simply buy the ticket, then go to the game of your choice.

You will be given a Fun Blast Card for indoor games, which you must recharge as necessary. The basic minimum charge needed is 1000. It has a 12-month validity period.

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Ticket Prices

Indoor Games Ticket Prices

Indoor GamesTicket Prices
TrampolineAdult: ₹400 & Kids: ₹150 to ₹250
Arcade Games₹50 to ₹400
Virtual Reality (VR) Game₹120
Haunted House₹100
Bumper Car₹120
Lucky Fish Frenzy₹90
Fortune Quest₹100
Drop Ball₹90
Blizzarnd Blast₹90
Penguin Villeage₹60
Horse Racing₹100
Robot Storm₹90
Whitekeddy Car₹50
Zombie Out Beark Water₹90
Sow Of Racer₹90
Gramater Vf Surroune₹90
Temple Run 3₹90
Mini Basket Ball Yellow Panda₹70
Deep Sea Story₹75
Hippo Peradise₹50
Super Soldier₹50
Kidely Games₹50
Ferrasu Racing Simulator Clange₹120
Pal Man Smash Hockey Game₹90
Barbie Toy Cketerers₹100
Fererari Racing Simulator(Small)₹110
Air Hockey₹60
Hedower Tecway₹50
Human Clow₹300
Dashing Car₹100
Hunter League₹100

Outdoor Games Ticket Prices

Outdoor GamesTicket Prices
Joint Swing₹120
Sky Cycling₹120
Zip Line₹120
Mini Appu₹70
Twin Cycling₹120
Merry-Go Round₹70
Toy Train₹70
Rocket Injection₹120
Water Boat₹70
Water Melon₹70
Mini Wheel₹70
Bungee Jumping₹100
Gyroscope Ride₹120
Adventure Zone₹120

Things to do at Fun Blast Ahmedabad

  • Trampoline
  • Bowling
  • Arcade Games
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Game
  • Haunted House
  • Bumper Car
  • Joint Swing
  • Sky Cycling
  • Zip Line
  • Water Boat
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Adventure Zone

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Online Ticket Booking

You can go to the fun blast and buy a card or ticket offline.

Fun Blast Contact Number

Contact Number:- 09586601007

Fun Blast Ahmedabad Address

Sindhu Bhavan Road, PRL Colony, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058

How To Reach Fun Blast Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is nicely linked with all major cities and towns by using the road.


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