Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary Timings, Entry Fee, Contact Number, How To Reach

The Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Ambaji, Gujarat, in the Banaskantha District.

About Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary

On August 7, 1989, the Gujarati government designated it as a wildlife sanctuary with the goal of preserving, promoting, and developing wildlife.

The sanctuary’s name comes from two ancient temples that are situated in its opposite corners: Balaram Temple and Ambaji Temple.

It is situated in the banks of the Banas and Sabarmati rivers, the two important rivers in the area.

Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary Timings

Timings:- 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Flora and Fauna Balaram Wildlife Sanctuary

The unique ecosystem is habitat to 483 plant species, including 107 tree species, 58 shrub species, 219 herb species, 49 climbers, 40 grass species, and 10 types of lower plants. Modad, khair, dhavado, saledi, kadaya, timru, khakhara, bor, desi baval, bili, dudhi, golar, kanji, indrajav, karanj, arjun sadad, jamun, and behda are a few examples.

Animals that are significant include the leopard, rhesus macaque, sloth bear, Indian civet cat, Indian porcupine, hyena, wild boar, wolf, jackal, hare, langur, bluebull, and others.

Important Birds: A wide range of birds, including bulbul, Indian roller, woodpecker, grey hornbill, peafowl, barbet, shrikes, etc., live in the sanctuary, along with numerous raptors.

Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Fee

Entry Fee:- Rs. 50

Best Time To Visit At Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary

Morning and Evening is the best time for the visit.

Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary Contact Number

Contact Number:- 8320002000

Nearby Places of Balaram Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Ambaji Temple
  • Mount Abu (Rajasthan)
  • Balaram temple
  • Balaram Pala
  • ce Resort
  • Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

How To Reach Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary

By Road
The Nearest bus station is Palanpur.

By Rail
The Nearest railway staion is palanpur railway station around 20km.

By Air
The nearest airport is Ahmedabad airport approximately 150 km.

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