Amul Dairy Anand Visit, Timings, Entry Fee, How To Book

Amul Dairy, located in Anand, Gujarat, is the largest dairy in Asia. Anand Milk Union Limited is what Amul stands for. The unique things to witness on an Amul dairy visit range from milk collecting to packing and dispatching. This process operates almost completely automatically. You may visit Amul Dairy and see the world’s largest milk processing machine. Visit to the Amul Dairy Museum and Plant.

About Amul Dairy Visit

The two-hour guided tour of Amul’s butter and dry milk capacity in Anand offers an uncommon peek into the complicated operations, technology-driven processes, and superlative-laced discourse on Amul’s huge numbers. The organization operates 78 factories and delivers 280 million liters of milk every day using GPS-equipped trucks, affecting the lives of more than 37 lakh small and mid-level milk farmers in India. Explore the cleaning, fat separation, standardization, and packing divisions, as well as the walls covered with images of Indian and international luminaries.

History of Amul Dairy Anand

Before independence, there were thousands of cattle owners who used to produce milk and give it to their village and neighbouring villages. But after being distributed to all, unused milk got wasted. This problem led to many issues like some days lots of milk available and some days no milk available.

They went on strike and stopped selling milk and met Shree Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in 1946.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel suggested approaching without a middleman and taking full control given to the Farmer and Cattle owner.

New Union gathered just 247 litres from the two villages near Anand (Kheda) and started organization.

Then Dr. Verghese Kurien taken leadership and Amul grown before looking back.

Amul Dairy Visit Anand Timings

Monday To Friday:- 02:00 PM To 04:00 PM

Maximum Capacity : 200 Persons

Advanced Booking Compulsory

Entry Fee Of Amul Dairy Visit Anand

Entry Fee:- FREE Of Cost ( But Advanced Booking and Registrations Required )

How To Visit Amul Dairy Anand

  1. Open –
  2. Select Amul Dairy Anand
  3. Select Date and Check Slot
  4. Press book now button and enter mobile number.
  5. Add OTP, select number of adults and kids.
  6. Add name of visitors, email, id proof, photo and location
  7. Press next and Take printout or download pdf in mobile
  8. Visit
Amul Dairy Anand

Instruction For Visit Amul Dairy

  • If you are visiting in a group, please bring your ID- Proof or the ID- Proof of any one person with you.
  • The visit approval is provided on the understanding that teachers/professors take care of their children/students during the visit.
  • We do not have luggage or valuables storage spaces. Please do not bring any heavy bags with you throughout your stay.
  • Visitors will be brought to the plant in groups.
  • Through transparent glass windows, visitors will be able to observe processing and production.
  • Any emergency interruption or failure of the production line is possible.
  • During the visit, always stay with the group and follow the plant tour guide’s instructions.
  • Always walk on the permitted walkway for your own safety.
  • Taking photos and video the process and creating area is absolutely banned. Only in approved places are photographs permitted.
  • Pets such as dogs and cats are not permitted in the plant.
  • Please keep an eye out for large vehicles in the surrounding area.
  • Any violation of the following guidelines will result in the person’s factory tour being canceled.

Amul Dairy Anand Address

Address:- Amul Dairy, Popati Nagar, Anand, Gujarat, India

Contact Number Of Amul Dairy Anand

Contact Number:- 02692-225443
E-Mail:- [email protected]

Amul Dairy Anand Online Visit Booking

Click Here For Online Booking

How To Reach Anand Amul Dairy

By Air
Vadodara Airport is the nearest airport. Anand is 35 kilometers from Vadodara Airport , and 65 kilometers from Ahmedabad Airport , both in Gujarat.

By Road
Regular busses travel to Anand from other major cities in the entire country.

By Rail
Anand Junction is the Nearest Railway station.

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