Oppo Realme Clone Whatsapp Backup and Restore Working Solution

All Users Who Used Oppo and Reame Phone with Clone Whatsapp they not able to take it back in Google Drive also Not transfer Whatsapp to New or other Phones.


Ex Your Realme Phone Clone Whstapp Backup is not able to Store on google drive.

Download Explorez File Manager to find Storage/Emulated/999 Folder.

Step 1:-Find Local Backup the Local file path is Storage/emulated/999/Whatsapp.

Step 2:- Storage/Emulated/999 folder you can not Copy or Paste anything on your Current Folder or Phone.

Step 3:- Go to Databases and Take Latest Database and Send into other Phone via Bluetooth or any File Sharing app.

Step 4:- Other Phone Where you have to download Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business.

Step 5:- Uninstall Whatsapp and Check Their File is as it is and not deleted then Delete the Whastapp Database file and Copy and Paste That Clone Whatsapp Database.

Step 6:- Rename mdbstore-2021-11-13.1.db.crypt14 to mbdbstore.db.crypt14.

Step 7:- Download Whatsapp Again and tap on Restore, all Data Restore.

Step 8:- now you Take a backup in Google Drive.

The above Solution is Working I Already try with my Realme 1 Phone and it Restored into Redmi Note 9 Pro.

If you Face any problem Comment US.

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