Nadabet Border Tourism on the theme of BSF Border Vist Ticket Price

Amit Shah today inaugurated a T-junction constructed at a cost of Rs 125 crore in Nadabet.

Border Visit Time at Nadabet

  • Nadabet boundary will take 6 to 8 hours
  • pay 100
  • Do not take your vehicle to the Zero line border

Special Buss for Border Visit at Nadabet

10 Special Buses Departed At Zeroline Border To Carry Tourists, Separate Road To Nadeshwari Temple.

Bus Ticket Small Children Price Rs 50.

Adult Bus Ticket Price Rs 100.

Accommodation facilities at Nadabet

Nadeshwari temple to accommodate the pilgrims.

The Retreat Ceremony and Adventure Park Ticket Price at Nadabet

There can be 300 to 350 different costs

The tourist has to pay a charge to enjoy this … fun

  • Rocket injector
  • High and low ropecourse
  • Free fall
  • Rock climbing
  • Re-playing
  • Giant Swing
  • Human bungee slingshot
  • Melt down
  • Bungee Basket
  • Air Rifle Shooting Range
  • Army Commando Course
  • Off round track
  • Desert safari
  • Paramotor Joy Ride

How much time can pass at Nadabet

  • A family of 4 who left Palanpur early in the morning, after reaching Nadabet, 150 km away, after visiting Nadeshwari temple, they can return to T-junction. 
  • Where it will take 1 hour. Parked the vehicle there
  • got tickets for 3 big and one small child, got a ticket for 4 people for a total of Rs. From there it will take three to three and a half hours by bus to reach Zeroline and return.
  • After which he will spend 1 hour in the evening parade and will return after spending 7 hours.

All this will be seen in 100 rupees

  • 3 arrival, plaza-resting place with furniture and interior work at Seemadarshan
  • Auditorium with seating capacity for 500 people
  • Changing room
  • Border Gatha Exhibition Center and Museum
  • Decorative lighting
  • Solar tree
  • Retaining Wall
  • BSF barracks
  • 5000 capacity parade ground
  • Exhibition Center
  • Ajay Prahari Smarak
  • Tricolor at a height of 40 feet
  • BeatingTreat Ceremony by BSF
  • Demonstration of MiG-27 aircraft
  • Surface-to-air missiles
  • T-55 tank
  • Artillery gun
  • Torpedo
  • Wing drop tank
  • Various replicas of BSF’s workings and duties
  • Border Gatha Museum which includes weapons used in war, duty performed in extreme circumstances.
  • Roads from T-junction to Zero Point: MiG aircraft used in the 1971 war, artificial guns, tornado missiles, battle tanks
  • Selfie point
  • Zeroline from T junction to Pakistan border.

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