Khodiyar Maa Temple and Khodiyar Dam Water Fall, Dhari, Amreli

About Khodiyar Maa Temple Dhari

Khodiyar Maa Temple and Khodiyar Dem Water Fall Galdhara think about 5 km located near Dhari Amreli District Gujarat India.

Khodiyar Mata Temple Galdhara think about 5 km located near Shetrunji riverside in dhari town of Amreli district. There is very deep water, the patient lies between Shetrunji River, known as galdharo. Dharani next high rock above the trees down there rayana khodiyar Mataji has been established.

The temple was built in about 9 to 11th century. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Khodiyar. Here is Attractive of Goddess Khodiyar Haded Idol. Large numbers of people come here every Sunday.

History Of Khodiyar Maa Temple Dhari

As per history, The temple has been built in large river basins. Junagadh King Raja ‘somaladene khodiyar navaghana mother goddess was of the very same faith. It is said that his blessed the State ‘navaghana no was born. Raja ‘navagha galadhara khodiyar Mata was watching. When Raja ‘navaghan its putative sister built jasala Ni Waray was passed from when he and his horse about two hundred feet above the river below him when khodiyar Maa was its defense.

Galdhara comes to assume the ST and private vehicles are available. Khodiyar dam is situated here.

Khodiyar Dam & Water Fall Dhari

Near this temple, on Shetrunji River large water dam was built known as Khodiyar Dem. The water of this dem uses many farmers to their farms. The Khodiyar dam was built in 1967. It is a 32 Million Gan miter capacity of water. In monsoon session this dem looking very attractive and amazing

During Diwali and new year, day organizes a fair. Large numbers of people visit this temple and dem.

Another attraction is the Hinglaj Mata temple within 2 KM far from the Khodiyar Ma temple. It has the best Greenery. Must visit these places.

Other Attraction At Khodiyar Maa Temple Dhari

  • Nagnath Temple, Amreli
  • Gir Lion Sanctuary
  • Bhurakhiya Hanuman Mandir, Lathi
  • Khodiyar Mandir, Dam site, Dhari
  • RAJMAHEL, Amreli
  • Bhojaldham
  • Clock Tower, Amreli
  • Pipavav Port, Rajula
  • Hanuman temple, Salangpur
  • Hinglaj Mata Mandir

How To Reach Khodiyar Maa Temple Dhari

Galdhara thinks about 5 km located near Dhari Amreli District Gujarat India.

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