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Mini-Japan Rock garden | Zen Garden Ahmedabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday virtually inaugurated a Japanese Zen garden and Kaizen Academy via video conference at the premises of the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA).

Importance Japanese Rock garden | Zen garden Ahmedabad?

The opening of the Zen Garden and the Kaizen Academy “is a symbol of the spontaneity and modernity of relations” between India and Japan.

“Indians will find the glimpse of the same peace, poise, and simplicity, in this Zen Garden, which they experienced in Yoga through the ages. Buddha gave this ‘dhyan’, this enlightenment, to the world”.

What is Meaning of Zen Garden?

Zen is defined as a school of Mahayana Buddhism and it lies at the core of Japanese culture.

Ticket Price of Zen garden Ahmedabad

Ticket Price of Zen garden Ahmedabad Not Publish yet.

Timings of Zen garden Ahmedabad

Timings of Zen garden Ahmedabad not publish yet because it is not open for all citizen.

Location of Zen garden Ahmedabad

location of Zen garden Ahmedabad is Located in: Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association

Contact Number of Zen garden Ahmedabad

Contact number of Zen garden Ahmedabad not Publish yet.

Menu of Zen garden Ahmedabad

Menu Of Zen garden Ahmedabad not publish yet.

Photos of Zen garden Ahmedabad

Zen Garden Ahmedabad View

showcase several elements of Japanese art, culture, landscape and architecture.

Zen garden Ahmedabad view 2

The garden is built in a joint endeavor of the Japan Information and Study Centre at AMA and Indo-Japan Friendship Association (IJFA), Gujarat, supported by the Hyogo International Association (HIA), Japan.

The Zen garden represents yin and yang, wind and water – two elements that connect the Earth and the sky.

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