Harsiddhi Mata Temple Timings, History, Pooja – Porbandar

Harsiddhi Mata Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located atop Koylo Dungar(Hill) at Gandhavi village near Porbandar, Gujarat.

About Harsiddhi Mata Temple

Harsiddhi Mata Temple is built by lord Krishna and built-in Dwapar Yug (Lord Krishna time) and dedicated to Lord Krishna Kuldvi Goddess Harsiddhi.

There are 300 steps to go to the temple at the top of the Koyla hill. The other names of Goddess Harsidhhi are Harshal, Harshad, Sikotar, Harshat Shikotar, or Vahanvati. 

Harsiddhi Devi knows as Kuldevi of the Krishna and Vaishnav and Chauhan family. To kill asura Shree Krishna worship Shree Harsiddhi Devi and she established love and peace by killing asura.

History Of Harsiddhi Mata Temple

According to the legend, the temple of the goddess was on the hill overlooking the creek. It was believed that if the eyesight of the goddess fell on the ship, it would be burnt or wrecked in the sea. The fleet of ships of Jagdu wrecked due to it but he was saved. JagaduShah then prayed to the deity for his safety and his ship reached shore safely. Apprehensive of the deity’s curse, Jagdu Shah went to the temple and observed fast for three days to propitiate the goddess. She was pleased with Jagdu Shah and gave him darshan.

He then pleaded with her to come down the hill, so that her eyes would not fall on the passing ships. He promised the goddess that he would build a new temple for her. As the legend goes, the deity agreed to his request if he would sacrifice a buffalo each on the 108 steps leading down the hill.

JagaduShah was perplexed as being a follower of Jainism, he believed in ahimsa. However, a man of his words, he decided to give the sacrifice of buffaloes but to his surprise, 108 buffaloes he had brought fell short. So he decided to sacrifice himself and his family to fulfill his words. At this point, Goddess Harsiddhi was pleased and bestowed upon him the boon that this will be his last birth. He will get moksha after his death and his idol will also be worshiped alongside hers at the Harsiddhi temple.

Timings Of Harsiddhi Mata Temple

Arti Timings Harsiddhi Mata Temple


Darshan Timings Harsiddhi Mata Temple

6 AM – 6 PM

Places To Visit Near Harsiddhi Mata Temple

Sudama Temple
Shri Hari Mandir Temple
Kirti Mandir
Huzoor Palace
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

How To Reach Harsiddhi Mata Temple

At a distance of 40 km from Porbandar and 65 km from Dwarka.

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