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Dumas Beach Surat

Dumas Beach is an urban beach on the Arabian Sea in the Indian state of Gujarat, 21 kilometers southwest of Surat. Dumas Beach is a popular tourist destination in Gujarat’s south. Dumas Beach is unjustly infamous for being one of India’s top 35 haunted locations.

The Mystery Surrounding The Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach, located along the Arabian Sea, is one of Gujarat’s most haunted locations. The beach is famous for two things: its black sand and the fact that it is haunted! Dumas Beach is said to be haunted by several haunting spirits who never left the area because it was once used as a Hindu burial ground. According to folklore, the existence of black sand is due to the amount of ash produced by the burning of the dead, which mixed with the white sand of the beach and turned dark in shade.

While this beach appears to be God’s home during the day, it transforms into the devil’s paradise once the sun sets. This beach, one of the top tourist attractions in Surat, is visited by hordes of travelers and tourists every day, but as the sun sets, people leave for the better. Those who attempted to test the beach by staying overnight either never returned or had the worst experiences to share.

There’s no denying that the beach has an unsettling atmosphere. The surroundings are lovely but hauntingly depressing, and you can’t get away from the negativity that pervades the area. Following the appearance of the moon, a number of paranormal activities have been reported in the area. Several tourists and locals have gone missing from Surat’s haunted beach, Dumas, according to reports. In addition, a man was discovered dead on the beach with his tongue protruding. And there is no one who can explain why all of these mishaps have occurred.

People also claim that they heard weird sounds coming from the beach like people laughing and someone crying, even when there’s not a single soul present. Not only this, but locals also say that they have witnessed white apparitions and moving orbs along with myriad other mysterious activities that can’t be explained.

Dumas Beach Surat Entry Fee

No entry fee

Why is Dumas Beach Haunted?

Dumas Beach is known for its black sand and is said to be haunted because it was once used as a Hindu burial site.

According to folklore, the legend of the beach being haunted is thought to be rooted in the widespread belief by locals that the beach was formerly a burial ground and is also attributed to the black sands and isolated location of the beach. Most of the reports of supernatural occurrences on the beach remain unproven and unverified and might be an urban legend so far.

Dumas Beach has black sand. The entire area has 4 beaches in total out of which two seem to be the most popular. In the first instance, you won’t find anything spooky about the place. Other than black sand and the annoying presence of smoke emitting chimneys of factories located on the other side of the river, the beach doesn’t have much. You’ll find camels and their owners waiting for new customers, couples, and a few bhajiawala’s strolling around.

Dumas Beach Surat Timings

Open for 24 Hours

How To Reach Dumas Beach Surat

By Road
Dumas Beach is 22 km away from Surat. You can find shared autos and buses at a distance.

By Air
Surat International airport is the nearest to Dumas Beach.

By Rail
Deboard at the Surat Railway Station or Bhestan Train Station to reach the beach.

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