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Located near the port of Veraval, Diu is a small island that was earlier a Portuguese colony and is now guarded by beaches all around. Diu takes up most popularity given the ample number of beaches, along with Gujarat’s southern coast such as the Nagoa beach, but has a lot more to offer too. Alcohol is legal in Diu.

About Diu

The Diu Fort, a primary imprint of the Portuguese on the area’s heritage and architecture makes up a popular tourist attraction. Another interesting place is the Vanakbara, a small fishing village whose charm has tints of colorful fishing boats and humming of day-to-day activity. This perfect add-on to a visit to Gujarat will complete your experience with interesting museums such as the Sea Shell Museum, temples, and churches.

Diu is from the Sanskrit word dvipa, meaning “island.”

The languages spoken in Diu include Gujarati, Portuguese, English, and Hindi.

On Diu Island, there are two beaches that offer water sports activities namely Nagoa Beach and Ghoghla beach. The best season for enjoying water sports in Diu is from October to May when the skies are blue and the waters are clean. The following activities of water sports have been carried out for the visiting tourist.

Nagoa Beach is amongst the most famous attractions of Diu and also one of the tourist places in Diu; for its unsullied beauty, white sand, and oscillating palms. The beach is a part of the Nagoa hamlet in Bucharwada Village and is a few kilometers from the main town. It is an ideal place to rejuvenate oneself and get tourists from all over the world to visit.

Portuguese Culture and Architecture 

Diu was a Portuguese colony until taken over by India in 1961.

Diu is separated from the mainland by a narrow channel and two tiny mainland enclaves.

A lot of the Portuguese influence can be seen n the architecture and culture that the people follow. St. Paul’s Church is an example of beautiful Portuguese architecture. Another magnificent structure is the sea-facing Diu Fort.

Beaches in Diu 

Diu is primarily known for its beautiful beaches, magnificent forts, and exotic liquor. The Beaches in Diu promise a beautiful getaway from the monotonous routine lives. They are a sight to behold with soft sand, wondrous waves, canopied palms, and the sound of church bells echoing into eternity. There are four beaches in Diu: Goptimata Beach, Nagoa Beach, Jallandhar Beach, and Chakratirth Beach.

History of Diu 

The region of Diu has been ruled by many dynasties like the Mauryans, Kshtrapans, Guptas, Maitrakas, etc. in the past. It began with the Pauranic period and ended with the colonial rule of the Portuguese. Diu remained under the colonial regime from 1535-1961 and was liberated alongside Goa and Daman on 19th December 1961. It was taken over by the Government of India and is to date governed from the capital Delhi as a Union Territory. Mythology believes that Diu was ruled by a ‘Daitya’ king named Jallandhar, who was beheaded by Lord Vishnu with his Sudarshan Chakra. According to the Gazette of Goa, the area of Daman and Diu was known as ‘Jallandhar Kshetra’ during Satyug.

Diu Festival

Festival Village is Asia\’s longest beach festival situated at a distance of 1 km from Diu Airport and 3 km from Nagoa Beach. This beach festival in Diu provides free breakfast service to its guests. Festa De Diu – Festival Village in Diu accommodates 60 air-conditioned tents. The wooden-floored tents are equipped with amenities like lamps, a separate seating area, king-size beds, television, porch, and an attached bathroom with a hot and cold water facility. This beach festival in Diu has arranged more than 20 musicians, 10 comedians, 15 bands, 6 heritage walks, and 30 workshops that will take one’s breath away. Guests can also enjoy various activities like a hot-air balloon ride, zip-lining, and bungee jumping set up by the organizers. 

Places To Visit In Diu

  • Naida Caves
  • Nagoa Beach
  • Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Diu Fort
  • Ghoghla Beach
  • Sunset Point, Diu
  • St. Paul Church, Diu
  • INS Khukri Memorial
  • Panikota Fort
  • Zampa Gateway
  • Sea Shell Museum
  • Diu Museum

Best Time To Visit Diu

The best months to plan a trip to Diu are November to February during the Winter season.

How to Reach Diu

Diu is connected to other parts of Gujarat and the country with a good road network.

Diu also has its own airport and daily flights connect Diu to Mumbai and to Porbandar.

Hotels In Diu

  • Krishna Beach Resorts – Diu
  • Dream Vision Guest House
  • Hotel Apaar
  • Hotel Laabh

Resorts in Diu

  • Krishna Beach Resorts 
  • Radhika Beach Resort
  • Kostamar Beach Resort
  • Azzaro Resort

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