Chanod Triveni Sangam Rivers Map Contact Number

Chanod Triveni Sangam Rivers are Narmada, Orsang, and Gupt Saraswati, and this ‘Triveni Sangam’, as is called is considered very holy.

Chanod, the small town in Dabhoi Taluka of Vadodara district, Gujarat is located on the bank of Holy River Narmada, earlier known as “Chandipur”. 

This attracts the people for performing post-death rituals and asthi visarjan here as per Hindu tradition. Every ritual holds great importance and brings a meaningful end to the soul’s present life and creating a smooth way for future lives.

Chanod Triveni Sangam Rivers Name:-

  • Narmada
  • Orsang
  • Gupt Saraswati

Pandit Contact Number in Chanod Triveni Sangam:-

Puja Vidhi in Chanod. You can connect us on – 9979242505.

Thus it is also popular as a city of temples, a highly sacred spot, and one of the popular Asthi Visarjan places in Gujarat.

Accommodation in Chanod Triveni Sangam:-

Lots of temple, Ashram, and Ghat makes Chanod as pilgrimage centers along the Narmada River.

Some of the Best Accommodation in Chanod are Below:-

Distance to Chanod Triveni Sangam:-

  • Ahmedabad to Chanod 168 Km
  • Bharuch to Chanod 88 Km
  • barod to Chanod 61 Km
  • Surat to Chanod 163 KM

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