Bajarangdas Bapa Sitaram Temple in Bagdana

Bagdana village is a major pilgrim place for the followers of Hindu Mystique saint, Bajarangdas Bapa.

Bajrangdas Bapa, also known as Bapa Sitaram is the very soul of Saurashtra.

About Bagdana Bajarangdas Bapa Temple

Bagdana temple provides free food and  Dharamshala for Night hold.

There are three major mela (folkloric fairs) organized here annually, on the death anniversary of Bajrandas Bapa, Bhadrapad Amavasya, and Guru Purnima.

Bajrangdas Bapa was born in Adhewada village near Bhavnagar and achieved total spirituality at an early age. Bapa Sitaram spent some years visiting different places like Ayodhya, Surat, Palitana, and the Nashik Kumbh Mela. He came to Bagdana in 1941 and began living in a small Madhuli. In 1951 He built the ashram, which developed over the years.

History of Bajarangdas Bapa

In 1906, Bajrangdas Bapa was born at the zanjariaya Hanuman Mandir. Shiwar kuwarbai was Bapa’s mother and Hiradas was his father. It is situated in a small village that is known as Adhe Wada, which is located in Bhavnagar. While he was born, his parents named him Bhaktiram.

In 1915 Bajrangdas Bapa first attended the famous Nashik Kumbh Mela together with his spiritual leader Shri Mahant. Bapa completed his chief sadhana near the renowned Mandakini River, which was located at the Chitrakut Mountain.

One of the most significant facts is that he achieved the yog sidh while he was only 28 years old. His Guru or spiritual leader suggested he carry on his own mythological voyage and named him Bajarangdasji.

While he was near about 30, he went for the Himalaya yatra, as well as inhabited in a number of places like Kaanan Vistar, Mumbai, Surat Laxmi Mandir, Bhavnagar, Dholera, Warungu Bay’s Hanumanji place, Palitana, Bagdana, and Karmodar.

A lot of people stated that he did many miracles all the way through his mythological journey. However, it is also true that Bapa never took any credit for his excellence.

Throughout his journey in Mumbai with his spiritual leader Shri Sitaramdasji, he made a miracle, which was truly unbelievable as well as barely credible. At that time, there was a deficiency of drinking water, and for that reason, people were drinking only salty seawater. But, Baba started digging, and after a few hours pure water came there, and everyone got stunned.

Then, all people started to drink that water. The great man left the earth at 5 am on 9th January 1977 at the Bagdana Ashram’s Madhuli.

Bapa Sitaram Purnima tithi Date 2022

TithiStart & End Time
Purnima tithi in January, 2022 (Paush Purnima)Jan 17, 3:18 am – Jan 18, 5:18 am
Purnima tithi in February, 2022 (Magha Purnima)Feb 15, 9:43 pm – Feb 16, 10:26 pm
Purnima tithi in March, 2022 (Hutasani Purnima)Mar 17, 1:30 pm – Mar 18, 12:47 pm
Purnima tithi in April, 2022Apr 16, 2:25 am – Apr 17, 12:25 am
Purnima tithi in May, 2022 (Buddha PurnimaVaishakha Purnima)May 15, 12:46 pm – May 16, 9:44 am
Purnima tithi in June, 2022 (Deva Snana PurnimaJyeshta Purnima)Jun 13, 9:03 pm – Jun 14, 5:21 pm
Purnima tithi in July, 2022 (Guru Purnima)Jul 13, 4:01 am – Jul 14, 12:07 am
Purnima tithi in August, 2022 (Narali PurnimaJandhyala PurnimaSravana Purnima)Aug 11, 10:38 am – Aug 12, 7:05 am
Purnima tithi in September, 2022 (Bhadrapada Purnima)Sep 09, 6:08 pm – Sep 10, 3:29 pm
Purnima tithi in October, 2022 (Sharad Purnima)Oct 09, 3:42 am – Oct 10, 2:24 am
Purnima tithi in November, 2022 (Kartik Purnima)Nov 07, 4:16 pm – Nov 08, 4:32 pm
Purnima tithi in December, 2022 (Margashirsha Purnima)Dec 07, 8:01 am – Dec 08, 9:38 am

Other Attraction At Bagdana Bajarangdas Bapa Temple

Besides the main temple of Hanuman Ji and Ganesh Ji, Bajrangdas Bapa Ashram has several smaller shrines within its complex. we can see also Bapa’s Samadhi Mandir, Bapa’s Dhyan Mandir, Ram-Janki-Lakshman-Hanuman Mandir, Annapurna Devi Mandir, Kaal Bhairav Statue, and more. Bapa Sitaram’s old Madhuli, charan Padukas, and some of the items He used are also on display there.

Bagdana Bajarangdas Bapa Temple Timings

General timings:- 04:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Places to visit near Bagdana Bajarangdas Bapa Temple

Bagdeshwar Mahadev Mandir

Gangajaliya Kund

Meldi Maa Mandir

Contact Details Of Bagdana Bajarangdas Bapa Temple

Contact Number:- 028442844270284428442802844284429, +91 8306507778

How to reach Bagdana Bajarangdas Bapa Temple

Bhavnagar is 78 km from the Ashram.

Distances from Bagdana

  • Mahuva – 30 km
  • Palitana – 35 km
  • Bhavnagar – 78 km
  • Junagadh – 175 km
  • Somnath – 205 km
  • Ahmedabad – 240 km

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